Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love That Album podcast Episode 94 - Not Drowning, Waving’s “Claim” plus interview with David Bridie

Love That Album podcast episode 94 is ready for your aural pleasure.

Maurice is joined by Julian Gillis (friend from school years and long-time absentee from the show) to discuss an album that cemented their friendship, 1989’s “Claim” from Melbourne band Not Drowning, Waving. For the uninitiated, this is music you can relax to, boogie to (yes, “boogie” specifically – find out why), and think about. It mixes rock and Papua New Guinea influences, as well as the music of Indigenous Australia.

The band’s songwriter was David Bridie who has a keen sense of how to tell a great story. He tells tales of ordinary people and their lives through small details like a great novelist would do.

As well as their own discussion of the album, Maurice and Julian chat to David Bridie himself to find out his recollections of the album and the band’s broader history. It was truly a privilege to talk with David and for him to be so giving of his time while giving insight into this great album.

Eric Reanimator returns with his “Album I Love” segment to talk about Finnish indie/lounge band (?) Branded Women and their 2006 album, “Cities and Seas”.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Love That Album: The Compilation Edition - Episode 31 - Grand Theft Audio

Welcome to episode 31 of Love That Album: The Compilation Edition.

Eric is talking about some punk rock reissues from the Grand Theft Audio label this time around. Grand Theft Audio specialized in reissues of punk music mainly over looked, forgotten and ignored bands from the golden era of the late 70s and early 80s. The reissues were oriented towards 'complete recording' from a time period. 

Starting off is Popular Easy Listening Music Ensemble (P.E.L.M.E.) and their album Relax With... from 1995. They were playing in a slightly different sandbox from the rest of the CDs Eric is going to talk about with their mix of hardcore, industrial, punk, noise, exploring experimental sounds. This isn't music for the casual listener or for the back ground, but for those who like chaotic noise and speakers set on KILL!

Getting back to a something a little more common is Long Beach CA, early 80s Hardcore Punk band, Funeral and the release Have You Seen My Leather Jacket? Funeral was notable for including later Tex and the Horseheads member, Mike Martt. In their recordings you can start to hear the expansion of the Hardcore sounds towards a sleazy blues rock that would take over the LA scene in the mid to late 80s. Here that sound is only slightly in the mix and not as obnoxious as it would become as time and hair spray infiltrated the LA club scene.

Moving on we have Red Scare and the As Promised (1982-1988) release. It features the vocal talents of the late Bobbi Brat singing songs with a very psychotronic edge. The Shining and James Bond are both referenced, however it's their classic Street Life that's the stand out track. 

Finally you have the neighbours of the beast  Mourning Noise and the disc Death Trip Delivery - 1981-1985. These guys lived across the street from the Misfits and Steve Zing from Mourning Noise would go on to play in Samhain with Danzig. Few punk bands from the USA have had the underground impact that the Misfits did and it's a treat to hear one of the first of the bands they inspired. When Eric first played these tracks for my fanatic Misfits fan friends they at first thought he was playing them 'lost' Misfits demos.

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