Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love That Album podcast Episode 94 - Not Drowning, Waving’s “Claim” plus interview with David Bridie

Love That Album podcast episode 94 is ready for your aural pleasure.

Maurice is joined by Julian Gillis (friend from school years and long-time absentee from the show) to discuss an album that cemented their friendship, 1989’s “Claim” from Melbourne band Not Drowning, Waving. For the uninitiated, this is music you can relax to, boogie to (yes, “boogie” specifically – find out why), and think about. It mixes rock and Papua New Guinea influences, as well as the music of Indigenous Australia.

The band’s songwriter was David Bridie who has a keen sense of how to tell a great story. He tells tales of ordinary people and their lives through small details like a great novelist would do.

As well as their own discussion of the album, Maurice and Julian chat to David Bridie himself to find out his recollections of the album and the band’s broader history. It was truly a privilege to talk with David and for him to be so giving of his time while giving insight into this great album.

Eric Reanimator returns with his “Album I Love” segment to talk about Finnish indie/lounge band (?) Branded Women and their 2006 album, “Cities and Seas”.

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