Sunday, October 30, 2016

Love That Album podcast Episode 95 - Jazz Mystery Box #2

Welcome to episode 95 of Love That Album.

To some folks in the podcasting world, we’re in the month of Shocktober. At LTA headquarters, it’s Jazztober and Maurice is celebrating by doing the second Jazz Mystery Box episode (Check out LTA #84 with Terry Frost for the first one). Maurice has picked three jazz albums from his collection he wants to notify the podcast listening world about, and then proceeds to do just that. What are the albums? THAT is the mystery. Download the show and find out.

Maurice make no claims to being a jazz expert – there are people who know a ton more than he does, both in the history and the music theory of jazz. All he's doing is using his enthusiasm for these albums to get some recommendations across.

Eric Reanimator gets his jazz mojo working with his Album I Love segment to talk about the jazz soundtrack for the 1988 Mike Figgis film, “Stormy Monday”.

You truly don’t have to be a jazz fan to dig this episode….but of course if you are, you should still enjoy.
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