Monday, December 12, 2016

Love That Album Compilation Edition Episode 34 Ghost of 70s Pop Car ‘16

Welcome to the episode 34 of LTA: The Compilation Edition.

Okay, enough of that It's the end of a very strange and tough year, so goodbye 2016, and we'll be glad to see you go. This time however Eric takes a moment to reflect back on the year, talk about some comps and pay tribute to one of those we lost.

The comps covered in this ep are a sketchy mass produced 70's Pop thing called “70's Pop Generation: Dancing in the City” featuring a couple of one hit wonders, some also rans and a few old ball tunes. Then, Eric goes totally out of his wheelhouse and talks about some electronic music covering the cassette tape release of Ghost Car Records 2008 to 2010, a synthwave reissue on the Swedish Columbia label. There is some talk about too much stuff to listen to .. blah blah blah... and then a few words about the man who fell to earth and we’re out... 2016 is done... 

NOTE: The final “regular” edition of Love That Album featuring a round table of favourite first time listens for 2016 will be out in the week between Christmas and New Year (or the week of Channukah).

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