Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Love That Album podcast - Episode 100 - John Hiatt’s “Bring The Family” (redux)

Bring out the fanfare music.

Roll out the red carpet.

…..or maybe just download the podcast….please….

Love That Album turns 100 episodes old.

Back in 2011, I started the podcast to talk with folks about great records (and maybe a couple of not so great ones….). There have also been interviews with authors of music biographies, musicians, but at the heart of it, this has been a forum for me to chat with fellow music freaks about why we love the albums we do. Many more similar podcasts have been created in recent times, and I’m thrilled that the podcast format is being used to focus on my very favourite art form.

I am joined by Geoff Smith (who has been a regular on the program from the very early days) and LTA-first-timer, Dave Anderson to discuss John Hiatt’s “Bring The Family” (an album that SHOULD have been the subject of a podcast back in episode 2 – we explain why it wasn’t, if you aren’t already familiar with the story). We discuss Hiatt history, early records, family tragedy, Little Village, the connection to James Reyne….and hamsters and amoebae (as you do)…..and a ton of other things.

LTA stalwart Eric Reanimator brings his Album I Love segment to talk about the Glenn Danzig project, Samhain, and the album, Initium.

Look, I wanted to make a big deal of the 100 episode milestone, but it’s business as usual (no…not the Men At Work record). HOWEVER, if you want to celebrate the show, PLEASE spread the word by either writing a review on iTunes or share this post on your social media platform of choice.I’d be mighty grateful.

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