Thursday, June 22, 2017

Love That Album podcast Episode 101 - Died Pretty's "Lost" and The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop

Welcome episode 101 of Love That Album podcast.

Ian McFarlane is one of Australia’s most authoritative and respected music journalists and historians. He’s been writing about rock music for many years in newspapers like The Australian and Juke as well as fanzines like Prehistoric Sounds. In the 1990s he wrote the definitive guide to the history of Australian popular music, “The Encyclopedia of Australian Rock and Pop”, published by Allen and Unwin. Homes of rock fans had well thumbed copies of the book and in 2017, Ian has finally released the second edition of the encyclopedia to bring it up to date.

I was thrilled to welcome Ian onto the show to discuss the book, his motivation for updating it in the internet era when facts (alternative or otherwise) can be found easily online, and some interesting details from our rock heritage. This must be the only book where attention will be given to both Delta Goodrem and The Lime Spiders, the Chantoozies and Radio Birdman.

We then go on to talk about one of Ian’s most favourite rock albums, “Lost” by Sydney band Died Pretty. This was the second album from the band, and the discussion ranges from how it differs from their early work, the band’s punk and Paisley underground influences, how one of the greatest songwriters in the country (actually… in the world) improved one of their songs without even knowing who they were, and much much more.

Eric Reanimator’s “Album I Love” segment focuses on a band from Arizona in the US called The Naked Prey and their record Under The Blue Marlin….not Australian, but musically a very compatible band to Died Pretty, so a worthy companion piece.

I love doing this podcast, primarily for the great conversations I have with other folks who love music and know a lot about its history. Ian was a fantastic co-host in this regard, and I look forward to him coming back to the show again soon.

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