Sunday, July 23, 2017

Love That Album podcast Episode 102 - The Vines “Highly Evolved”

For Episode 102 of Love That Album, Maurice is taking a break and Dave Blom is taking over the LTA airwaves.

The Vines debut 2002 album Highly Evolved marked the start of the latest big wave of Australian Rock Music. The Vines like other bands of the era followed a similar trajectory of instantly becoming the top Australian rock act and having a big first album, a moderate second album, before fading from these lofty heights. Still like other Australian bands of a similar vintage, they are still playing gigs and putting out albums. So flip your sneaker off, slap it on your face and tune in to the sound of Nirvana mixed with the Beatles that is The Vines.

HUGE thanks to Dave for bringing this great episode to your earholes. He will be doing another one before too long.

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