Sunday, August 27, 2017

Love That Album podcast Episode 103 - Sienna Dahlen “Ice Age Paradise”

Welcome to episode 103 of Love That Album podcast.

In July 2017, I went with my family to the other side if the world - Canada to be precise - to take in the magnificent musical experience that is the Montreal Jazz Festival. We heard jazz fusion, free jazz,bop, soul, New Orleans funk, bluegrass.....and then there's the shimmering beauty that is the music of the Juno-winning British Columbian songwriter, Sienna Dahlen. Her performance with a rhythm section, a string section and a horn section in front of hundreds (maybe thousands) of music fans in the Place Des Arts was nothing short of breathtaking.

I was astounded to learn that her latest album Ice Age Paradise, from which the concert material was sourced, was recorded in a mere two days. Upon my return to Australia, I contacted Sienna to discuss her album, her musical development, and winter.I was also fortunate that her father Laine was with her. Laine is an amazing artist and a songwriter to boot - one of his songs appears on Ice Age Paradise. It was a fascinating chat and I hope that you enjoy it and discovering her music.

Eric Reanimator returns with his Album I Love segment to talk about Carla Bozulich and her track-for-track interpretation of the classic Willie Nelson album Red Headed Stranger (and Willie is so impressed, he even graces her with his presence on three songs).

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