Friday, October 20, 2017

Love That Album podcast episode 104 - Emitt Rhodes’ “Rainbow Ends”

Welcome to episode 104 of Love That Album podcast.

I am joined once again by hard working musician and pop lover, Rhys Lett. He’d spent most of the night playing a gig and STILL found energy on a Sunday morning to talk about the music of Emitt Rhodes – that’s dedication.

Since I’m a fan of great songwriters, people have expressed surprise that it took me until about a year ago or so to discover Rhodes’ music. LA based musician and producer Chris Price was discussing his involvement producing Rhodes’ 2016 comeback album “Rainbow Ends” on Ben Eisen’s All Time Top Ten podcast. Intrigued, I sought out his first solo album for ABC Dunhill, then bought Rainbow Ends when it was released.

Rhys is a long-time fan of Emitt Rhodes music, so we were able to have an interesting discussion focusing on his early bands, his one-man-band albums from the early 70s, the frustrating history behind his reason to walk away from being a recording artist, and his connection to Gabe (Welcome Back Kotter) Kaplan. Most importantly, we discuss THE MUSIC (in theory, what this show is about). More specifically, we talk a little about Emitt Rhodes first (sort of) solo album and then contrast it to his comeback album of 2016, “Rainbow Ends”. Has Emitt changed his songwriting approach? How different does an album with great session musicians compare to albums recorded methodically by one man playing and singing all parts? These and other vitally life-important questions will be answered.

Eric Reanimator’s Album I Love segment also focuses on a musician who started his career a long time ago. Eric Burdon’s 2013 album “ ’Til Your River Runs Dry” gets the Reanimator love.

I’d like to give huge thanks to Rhys for joining me on the show with so little sleep (though you’d never know it). He’s a passionate music lover, and it was a joy to get his perspective.

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