Friday, November 24, 2017

Love That Album podcast episode 105 - The Grays’ “Ro Sham Bo” and Heatwave’s “Too Hot To Handle”

Welcome to episode 105 of Love That Album podcast.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a double header on the podcast, but this time around we’re doing just that. My very special guest is the charismatic and semi-regular co-host of the All Time Top Ten podcast, David Daskal. He pointed out that since it had been a while from him previously joining me on LTA, we needed to talk about TWO albums to make up for that time.

We start off with a conversation about the 1994 album from indie rock band The Grays, “Ro Sham Bo”. The band included two ex-members of Jellyfish, Jason Falkner and Jon Brion. With such a pedigree in melodicism, why was this album not huge? We try to make sense of it.

Then Dave and I put on our leisure suits and strut our collective stuff to the 1976 debut album “Too Hot To Handle” by the band Heatwave. Their songwriter Rod Temperton went on to write songs for one of the biggest selling records in pop history. Is “Too Hot to Handle” actually that? Not only do we give our thoughts, but the gentlemanly Will Smith of the Gentleman’s Guide to Midnite Cinema podcast contributes his thoughts about Heatwave. DIG IT!!!!!

How the hell was Eric Reanimator going to find common ground between Heatwave and The Grays for his Album I Love segment? By talking about Men Without Hats, of course….so obvious.

Huge thanks to the wonderful Dave, Will and Eric for being so giving of their time.

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