Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Love That Album podcast Episode 107 - Favourite First Time Listens of 2017: The Podcasters

The year is almost done. The world is more insane than ever.

I won't pretend that Tim Merrill, Eric Peterson or myself can make sense of it.....but we CAN tell you about the music we heard for the first time in 2017 that made things bearable. If music doesn't cure all, it comes damn close....for us anyway. We each nominate 5 albums we heard this year that reminded us about the greatness that humanity can achieve when people are not trying to screw each other over. We'll tell you our picks and why they're worthy of you seeking them out for your own collections.

My thanks to my two wonderful friends Tim and Eric for sharing their timeand knowledge. I also thank anyone who contributed to an LTA in 2017 or anyone who took the time out to listen or recommend the show to others. You're all wonderful.

We're not singing Kum-Ba-Ya.....all we are give Love That Album episode 107 a chance.

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  1. Is this a direct part 2 to 106, or does it cover 2017 in a different way? In other words, do I need to listen to 106 first?

  2. Hey Dan,

    No you don't need to listen to episode 106 to appreciate 107 (although please don't let me discourage you from doing so...)

    Episode 106 is the favourite 2017 albums from non-musician friends in the music business (broadcasters, music journalists, music authors). Episode 107 features myself and two of my regular podcasting cohorts giving our thoughts on great albums of the year.

    I hope that clears it up and you enjoy whichever shows you listen to.