Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Love That Album Podcast Episode 110 - Monty Python Sings

It’s time for episode 110 of Love That Album podcast.
In terms of status, the Monty Python crew are like rock stars. How big? When they have musicians like Led Zeppelin and George Harrison ready to bankroll their projects, you know they were bigger than Brian…..Their routines are quoted like song lyrics. In the comedy world, their material is ubiquitous. It could be argued they went from fighting the establishment to becoming the establishment…..which is very rock star.
For this episode of the show, the great Ben Eisen of the All Time Top Ten podcast joins Maurice to wax lyrical about the collection of Monty Python songs called Monty Python Sings. Do the songs work outside of the context of the sketches they were often a part of? Was performing these songs in the early seventies in a music-hall / stage musical fashion more counter culture than the rock music of the day? Does an African or European swallow have the greater air speed velocity? Ben and Maurice give answering these questions a shot.
Eric Reanimator chimes in with his own comedy album selection. For his Album I Love segment, he talks about The Very Best of Dr Demento. Does he concur that dead puppies aren’t much fun? Tune in and find out.
A huge thanks to Ben for returning to the show. How grateful am I? Let me count (down) the ways....

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