Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Love That Album podcast Episode 111 - Beck “Sea Change”

It's unusual to open up a blurb to promote the podcast with a confession of an error....but better I confess than you catch me out and roll your eyes at what a big idiot I am.

I am joined by my friend and proprietor of Rocksteady Records, Pat Monaghan to talk about the 2002 album by Beck called Sea Change. At one point we discuss a particular song and I make a point about its arrangement that is incorrect. This is what happens when you rely on your memory of a song rather than actually go back and listen to confirm your memory is correct – you make stupid mistakes. I will let you work out what that mistake is. First to submit the correct answer gets a hearty “well done” from me!!!!

Otherwise, business as usual here at Love That Album HQ. We discuss the more sensitive side of Beck who shared his heartbreak following the relationship split with his girlfriend with his fans via this collection of songs. Unlike much of his other work, it is difficult to dance to. Pat and I discuss our first recollections of Beck's music, our thoughts on the album, his father David Campbell, and the (likely) records in Beck's record collection.

Eric Reanimator chimes in with his thoughts about Frente's 1992 platter, Marvin The Album and why it charms him.

My HUGE thanks to Pat for taking the time to talk about an artist he loves on the show with me. Ditch the devil's haircut and let the golden age begin with LTA111.

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