Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Love That Album Podcast Episode 120 - Favourite First Time Listens of 2018

Love That Album episode 120 is ready for your aural gratification.

It’s December, so as is the annual tradition, I provide for you the first of two programs where I ask some wonderful fellow music lovers to give their opinions as to the great first time listens of the year. I know most people like to contemplate the greatest music released over the previous 12 months, but I like to ask my guests to talk about the best albums they heard for the first time over the past year – regardless of when it was released. That way there’s plenty of scope for recommendations of things you may have missed.

I am thrilled that returning from last year are music journalist and author Jeff Jenkins, broadcaster and podcaster Billy Pinnell, and rock historian and author Ian McFarlane. Also taking part for the first time in a few years is Rockwiz co-host and adjudicator Brian Nankervis. These four fellows are inspirations to me. They listen to plenty of music and I just know that there is enough variety in their picks for something to appeal to you or for you to nod your heads wisely in agreement with their selections. Huge thanks to them all for the giving of their time to this podcast.

The second episode with music recommendations will come in January 2019 when I will be joined by my son Max (an accomplished musician and keen devourer of new sounds) to have an across-the-kitchen table discussion as to our faves for 2018.

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